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Buy duromine 15mg online    What’s Duromine? Well, in simple terms, it is an appetite suppressant. Less food, apparently, will make me less fat.

At (Aust) a script, which lasts one month, it had better bloody work. Thankfully, my health insurance covers  of it so that really works out to about $1.36 per capsule, which I take one a day. That isn’t bad really when you think of the cost of snacking and excess eating. I am actually saving money by being on this stuff.

So, I started the ‘wonder drug’ 7 days ago and am taking the lowest dose possible being 15mg. This is because it can interfere or react with Tamoxifen. I take this tablet each morning at about 5:30 am with my breakfast of a tuna and baby spinach wrap. I find no urges to eat until lunchtime and even then, I have to remind myself that I need to eat. Lunch is something simple like a small fruit salad and yogurt or a tin of tuna with a small salad. Dinner is something like a small seafood stirfry with brown rice or a piece of steamed fish and veg.

Buy duromine 15mg near me

How have I done in the 7 days?

I have lost a grand total of ZERO!

Yep, not even a hundred grams. A big, fat, round zero.

At least my lack of weight loss matches my body shape.

Buy duromine 15mg ,Ok, so this week hasn’t been very normal with having surgery on Wednesday (which I should have lost 5 bloody kilos because I fasted from 7:30 am until 7 pm!) and have had a sneaky glass of bubbles or two but seriously, come on! Nothing? Not one little gram of weight loss?buy  duromine 15mg

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