I have been on duromine for 2 weeks now. It has been great. I sweat alot. I barely eat. I have to force myself to eat some days. Since this cornavirus lockdown. I haven’t been exercising the way I have been. I had really scary heart palpitations I couldn’t breathe. I had to go for a really long intense walk to get my heart pumping. Overall in 3 weeks I have lost 9kg so far. My goal weight is 55-60kg I was 110.9kg now I am 101.1.

I train x 2 day and been on keto.

No soft drinks , No carbs and No sugar

Update : The reason why I got that reaction was due to anxiety. It must be due to this coronavirus . Taking it now every second day


2 Weeks on 30mg I was okay as well. I think your body takes a while to get used to it. The dizziness for me began before the loss of app – I would measure my blood pressure and it would be heightened. It’s funny how you can go from so much increased appetite to the other extreme on the same meds.

I did read somewhere that If you have your tablets with a hot drink – like tea and I guess a coffee it is supposed to lessen the side effects and make the Duromine work better? I’m not sure if this is due to to the caffeine in the drinks or the temperature of the water. Unfortunately for me I don’t drink either and find tablets hard to swallow as it is!

Have you lost 2.3kgs in the last 14 days with just general housework and snacking at night on Duromine?? That’s a great effort!
I find the times that I really really want a snack, I choose a healthier alternative checking Calories and amount of fat and sugar in them.

I was similar to you, not eating breakfast – I never did! But I am forcing myself as well – it’s very hard but you find that it pays off over the course of the day and you tend to snack less.

Good luck with your weight loss as well 🙂



1. Duromine is EXPENSIVE – I nearly fell off my seat when I found out it was around $3 per pill (15mg). Out of curiosity I enquired how much 45mg tablets were when I found out that the 30mg were even more expensive, $4 per pill. The 45mg were $195. Do shop around as the prices vary, however please please please do not try to take the dodgy road and order them online. I have researched this and read many bad stories about the tablets being laced with other products. If you’re serious about your weightloss and your health, then it is worth paying the extra for your own safety.

2. You will have increased appetite when going on Duromine. This is NORMAL. This is due to an increase in your metabolism. This is a good thing. Just remember to eat healthy.

3. As much as you will have increased appetite, you will have decreased appetite. REMEMBER TO EAT. If you don’t eat, your metabolism decreases. This is not a good thing and your body will get used to it, so when you go off Duromine, you will put the weight back on. Think of it as training your body to get used to more healthy food but in smaller portions.

4. Allow yourself to be treated. If you do crave junk food, like cake, or icecream or hot chips – whatever, allow yourself to have small portions of what you crave. You will feel satisfied and if you feed your craving, you’re less likely to over indulge as mentally you know the food is bad for you but you have ‘satisfied’ the craving.