Buy duromine 40mg online


1. Duromine is EXPENSIVE – I nearly fell off my seat when I found out it was around $3 per pill (15mg). Out of curiosity I enquired how much 45mg tablets were when I found out that the 30mg were even more expensive, $4 per pill. The 45mg were $195. Do shop around as the prices vary, however please please please do not try to take the dodgy road and order them online. I have researched this and read many bad stories about the tablets being laced with other products. If you’re serious about your weightloss and your health, then it is worth paying the extra for your own safety.

2. You will have increased appetite when going on Duromine. This is NORMAL. This is due to an increase in your metabolism. This is a good thing. Just remember to eat healthy.

3. As much as you will have increased appetite, you will have decreased appetite. REMEMBER TO EAT. If you don’t eat, your metabolism decreases. This is not a good thing and your body will get used to it, so when you go off Duromine, you will put the weight back on. Think of it as training your body to get used to more healthy food but in smaller portions.

4. Allow yourself to be treated. If you do crave junk food, like cake, or icecream or hot chips – whatever, allow yourself to have small portions of what you crave. You will feel satisfied and if you feed your craving, you’re less likely to over indulge as mentally you know the food is bad for you but you have ‘satisfied’ the craving.

5. Do a wide range of exercises. Besides for walking, I have not left the house for exercising and I can still do a wide range of exercises. Even at 90kg’s now, I still prefer to wake up looking like a zombie and then just heading to my living room and turning on my Wii. But a wide range of exercises will help your body to adjust to the weightloss. As with cardio, Muscle tone is also very important and so is flexibility and core strength. My weight is mostly around my stomach, upper thigh, bust and arm/shoulders. If I was just to do cardio like running or Zumba – I would loose weight however my body wouldn’t be able to adjust – especially my skin. If you want an overall, even distribution of weightloss, mix up your exercises.

6. Monitor your blood pressure. If you can borrow or buy a blood pressure machine, then please do. Weightloss to look great and be healthy is one thing, however Duromine has the tendency to increase blood pressure and can cause heart disease so you need to take care of yourself. Whenever you feel like something is wrong, please see your GP. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

7. Give yourself realistic goals. Not everyone loses loads of weight at the same speed. If you keep it realistic, then anything else you exceed will be a bonus. I gave myself a goal of 1kg per week. Obviously having lost 17kg in 8 weeks is much more than my goal however you don’t want to set the bar too high and then fail. I see so many people worried and complaining they’ve only lost one or two kg’s on duromine in the first few weeks. I myself have complained to my partner when I’ve only lost a few 100grams a day or, shock horror – when I’ve put on a few 100grams. But I find you have to remember, for every two kgs that equals to a bag of oranges. If you were to lug that extra bag around with you everyday, how would it feel? I use this mentality to keep myself in check and remind myself: It’s OK for the results not to show right away, if you’re eating right and exercising – they will!

8. Weight gain: If you gain weight, don’t be despondent. There are many reasons why however keep in mind Duromine makes you thirsty,. you drink more and will have more water weight. If your exercises have more muscle work, then you will gain muscle = weight. However you will look toned (obviously). Weigh yourself at the same time – your weight changes a lot during the day. Also, Try not to weigh yourself too often. Everyone says this, and I myself weigh myself everyday (comes with the daily body test on the Wii Fit) but I hadn’t used my Dad’s scales at his house for over two weeks and weighed myself and was surprised with the numbers! It made me feel really good because it was a significant amount.

9. I still haven’t tackled the insomnia so I cannot give you any advice on this – however I myself am loving the early mornings. I have found that if you resist the urge to nap in the afternoons, it will be much easier for you to fall asleep at night.